Tuesday, April 26, 2011

First Timer:)

Hi there, this is my very first post!. I had my surgery March 30th 2011 in Louisville Ky. I have to say it was so much easier that I thought. I was up and walking around 4-5 hours after the surgery and back to the YMCA 4 days later. My first fill in this Thursday, I am ready to get this party started. I think the key to my sucess will be accountablility and support from family, friends, and the lap bad community. I have not yet figured out how to add those tape measurers to my blog, but when I do I will post my progress. Please feel free to look at all my pictures, stories and post. I need all the support I can get. Thanks all!!!


  1. Hi Banding Belle (BB)!! I am you third Follower!! So glad to hear that your Surgery and recovery went so smoothly. Mine did too!